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Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer
Western developed countries and southeast Asia, north and South America, a large number of single-phase transformers are used as distribution transformer.
High Voltage Oil Transformer
High voltage oil transformer is one of the main equipment in power plant and substation. The function of transformer is multifaceted, which can not only raise the voltage to send the electric energy to the area where electricity is used, but also reduce t
Three Phase Power Transformer
Three phase power transformer is a static electrical equipment, is used to change a number of ac voltage (current) into the same frequency of another or several values of voltage (current) equipment.
Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer
Power transmission and distribution systems send electricity from distant power plants to customers through regulation, electricity is transmitted through high-voltage transmission lines and then reduced at several substations before it is suitable for us
Three Phase Oil Transformer
Iron core : All adopt high quality grain oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, full inclined non-porous binding structure, multi-step ladder core, three-seam or five-seam, low no-load loss, low noise;
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